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Report - Petch House, Methwold, Norfolk, February 2014


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Tucked away in a little village in Norfolk is an interesting little house that by all accounts has been abandoned for at least 20 years. Not much is known about this place, so I will attempt to garner some history from my photos where I can


I visited this place twice in February, 10 days apart, a solo visit followed by me + 3 (Whitelighter and two non-members)

Sadly in the 10 days between visits the place has been ransacked. This is what I noticed based on other people’s reports - all the sewing machines have been taken, the Diana-Charles wedding papers, and a couple of gas lamps. A number of the small jars and vials have also gone. There is also a fair amount more damage that has quickly occurred - wallpaper being ripped off, crib being damaged etc.

On my first visit I just did the main house - as the other parts looked rather more unstable I decided it would be better to do this when I returned with the others just in case something went awry - I now rather regret this decision having missed out on seeing those beautiful sewing machines

The house was inhabited by a USAF Sergeant (I have cloned out the Surname and AF# for privacy) and his wife. Rather fittingly, throughout both explores the jets from the base screamed overhead at regular intervals, reminding us of the base’s close proximity


There are also moving company boxes whose head office is in Syracuse, NY, so it is likely that they were originally from somewhere in central New York state.
There is a crate in the garden with an address in New Mexico that was never sent. The surname is different, so perhaps either one of their parents lived there, or one of their children moved over there


They had at least one child - there is also a swing and climbing frame in the garden. This is the crib that has now been damaged. There are 4 beds in the house, so it is possible that they had as many as 3.


One of them - I would presume the wife from the era - was a keen seamstress. The table shown here is now sitting outside by the side of the house, the machine having been prised off of it’s plinth.


The preserved fruits she prepared date from the early-mid 70s. As there were papers from 1981 (Diana wedding) at least one of them was alive until after then.


They lasted until they were of old age - shown here is a hearing aid battery and it's expiry date. There are also some incontinence products in one of the bedrooms


1st West Yorks Rgt Cross Country Cup, E Company, Winners 1908-11. It is possible that the Sgt is pictured here - assuming it was taken in 1911, if he was 18 here he would be have been 88 for Charles’ and Diana’s wedding


Like most Americans, they had a soft spot for the royal family. This paper is from Prince Charles’ investiture. As mentioned previously, other reports have showed that they also had kept the wedding papers for Charles and Diana


A few shots from the rest of the house and grounds






The remaining gas lamps


There were a number of Reliant Supervans in the garden



There were a surprising number of televisions in the garden as well



Here's the full set on mu flick page The Sergeant's House - February 2014 - a set on Flickr
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