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So today my friend and I did our first bit of Urban Exploration, after wanting to for a long time!
We visited Peterborough District Hospital which used to be the main hospital for Peterborough before it was closed in 2010. It's currently in the process of being demolished but a large part of it is still mostly untouched.
It was quite a strange feeling, I was born in their and was there during the death of a family member. It'll be a shame to see it all go











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:( well i don't know bruh how do your react when you see a camera though ( im not as good as you master :Not Worthy)

Anyway, haha, bit of advice regarding camera's... Obviously avoid them if possible, if that's not possible though, I'd deliberately trigger one, then retreat to a safe place and observe how security reacts if they react at all. This will give you an idea of how much time you have to act after triggering one. Chances are though in this place that nobody's even watching them tbh...


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do you avoid the camera's because there seems to be a lot on the site. I'm a bit new sorry
I've been in there I think 3 or 4 times now and we only noticed the cameras on the last visit, at night. There is a security guard on site at all times, we watched him one night from the roof whilst drinking beers and he had no idea we were there.

The night we saw the cameras we climbed down some maintenance stairs into a room I shined my torch over at a mattress and saw beer cans and on the wall we noticed graffiti saying "WE ARE THE THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT" we then heard an almighty crash and NOPED all the way back up the stairs ran into the main reception. We then talked about whether to continue exploring, but we noticed the cameras and left.


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Needs some History of the site adding to the report well more than half a line would be nice.

Also Just month & year of visit, unless you want to be tied to something happening on that date ? and giving anyone whos interested up to date info (ie Secca)

And as for the other numpty giving his email address out on a Public Forum .......hiope you get lots of replies :D

Pity about your limited selection of pics, especially the blurred ones


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Fantastic, will be heading there on Saturday. It would be rude not to seeing as i live near it :-) Was also born there, spent many other occasions there. A lot of memories, a lot of history.


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