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Report - - Petworth ROC Post - Sussex Group - 21/11/07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Petworth ROC Post - Sussex Group - 21/11/07

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28DL Full Member
Visited with Silverhatch and Fire-Fly :thumb:thumb

First site of the day today..
Buried under a very large mound (not very subtle) in the corner of a field in Petworth is the ROC post, As reported on Subbrit it has had the lock which was a scottish one?!:confused::rolleyes: gas axed out which has left a large hole in the hatch (covered by a metal sheet and a weight) Its a clean dry post containing only the empty:( cupboard and built in desk and a very full sump. The surrounding area is slightly overgrown and shows a heavily trodden path to the post and oddly on the other side of the post is a weird raised decking path that passes along posts from the mound 8 ft off the up to the ground.

The post is situated up the hill from a posh boarding school and by traces of graffiti on the door and cupboard it seems it may have been used by the pupils (or youths at least) for illicit acts..:rolleyes::crazy




Beam me up scotty!:rolleyes::D
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