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Report - Pianoforte Supplies Ltd, Roade April 2014-Jan 2015


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Pianoforte Supplies was one of my favourite places I've ever photographed. I first visited it way back in 2011 and then numerous times in 2014, with my final visit in January 2015. It was a beautiful relaxed place to spend time in, and I spent much of the time I was there experimenting with shots and seeing what I could produce. It was largely empty except for one wonderful small production area which used to be reserved for manufacturing wheels for pianos, which was a perfect example of something that had been left to decay almost unmolested for over three decades. After Pianoforte closed in the early 1980s some of the buildings were taken over by a firm that produced vehicle trim pieces and later in life this area became a dumping ground for discarded Rover SD1 trim and their associated wooden moulds.

I never did manage to see the large part that was back in use until around 2012, but by the looks of it there wasn't much of interest in there anyway.

In January 2015 I returned and had a poke around the part of the site I'd first visited in 2011, and I was amazed to see that other than a small amount more graffiti almost nothing had changed.

Thanks for looking :)​