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Report - Pierce/Connolly Leather Northampton March 10 triumph/generator room


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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bit confused on the name as the sign has two names on it.
very tight way to get in wish i was 2 stones lighter and have cuts all over my stomuch and bruised ribs to prove it.
Connolly Leather was for over 125 years, a British company supplying highly finished leather primarily to car manufacturers. The term is also used to describe the particular brand of leather itself, when fitted in a car interior.

Connolly supplied most if not all of the leather for the British car industry, including but not limited to Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, TVR, and MG-Rover (which under its umbrella includes Land Rover, Range Rover, Rover cars, and MG) as well as non-British makes including Lexus and Ferrari.[1] US car brand Pontiac used Connolly Leather on their top range model, the Bonneville SSEi in 2000. [2] This leather was also used for the seats in the Supermarine Spitfires used in World War 2.

In addition to car upholstery, Connolly Leather has been used in the manufacture of high-end audio loudspeakers such as the B&W Signature 800 series as an expression of the quality and luxury status of the item. Connolly Leather was also used in other products: even "retro" transistor radios from British manufacturer Roberts.[3]

The company also sold leather-care products (e.g. Connolly Hide-Food); restoring leather is sometimes known as "Connollising", thanks to the reputation of the company.

Although "Connollising" is somewhat shrouded in secret, it basically involves scrubbing down the leather with a cleaner/soap while using a stiff brush (such as a nail brush) or slightly abrasive sponge which thins and removes most of the original surface color & finish. The leather is then moisturized and recolored, bringing it back as close to original condition as possible. Connollising involves the leather surface more than the leather itself. Connollising can not fix cracks or extremely dry leather. Connollising fixes the "wear and tear" of the surface due to typical usage and age (and possibly some neglect).

Although the words "Connollising" and "Connolised" are supposedly legally protected, most restoration companies employ a similar if not the same technique to restore leather and "bring it back to life." Except they can not advertise it as "Connollising"

Having been in the leather tanning and curing business since 1878,[4] Connolly Leather ceased trading in June 2002.[5]

Although the leather manufacturing company no longer exist, the brand remains as a bespoke retailer in Mayfair and Knightsbridge.[6]

The recipes to Connolly Hide-Food and their Leather-Cleaner have since been sold or licensed and have returned to the market.
sorry so many pics of the genny but this baby had power fuel and oil going to her and really got me turned on in a strange industrial sort of way.
This place is still part live with house at the front and well kept lawn and pond also some of the buildings have pirs in.

very big crank and piston

injector dribble tester brings me back to my days as a aprentice

where the old fuel tank would have been