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Report - Pig Research Centre, Bedfordshire October 2015

Joseph Cl;eary

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I took a trip down to see my farther in Hertfordshire 'originally from Manchester' and my brother decided to mention there was a few abandoned pig farm so I was keen to check it out. As this is my first official report on 28DL I thought I'd get a few snaps to prove I'm a keen explorer.

So we decided to head to the site via bike.
We went across a farmers land to get to the site. We encounter a fence with bard wire so we scaled the fence. Then came to what it looks like a feeding pen. It felt like it was in mid demolition so we traded carefully baring in mind I had to look after the younger brother.

He told me about the main building as i'm going to call it.
So we headed across the derelict lands and came up to the Main building and was boarded up with a few board but that wasn't a problem as many have rotted away so we pulled them back. first impression on the main building was its been visited quite a few times but been somewhat maintained.

As we wandered round the site there was quite creative graffiti around the place with some great quotes & meanings.

The UK pig industries Development Unit, just outside Stotfold in Bedfordshire was opened by Lord Belstead, Minister of State (Lords), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods in November 1984.
Over the years it underwent many changes but was always at the forefront of research firmly aimed at delivery of practical opportunities, work which could be quickly disseminated and implemented on working pig farms.
At its peak the unit employed 10 staff and had 300 sows. However major changes in the industry and a fundamental shift in the strategy of the British Pig Executive (BPEX) meant it was no longer needed and over the last six months of its life was gradually wound down
The final piece of research work was completed in May 2007, and the site closed sometime in July 2007
A BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development said at the time: "Stotfold has been a huge asset to the industry over the years and we are sad to see it go. "BPEX carried out a major review of its research and development and unfortunately Stotfold didn't fit into the new perspective.

(Taken from Google top search)

Please see below for photos

IMG_3856.jpg IMG_3860.jpg IMG_3862.jpg IMG_3865.jpg IMG_3874.jpg IMG_3877.jpg IMG_3883.jpg IMG_3885.jpg IMG_3887.jpg IMG_3889.jpg IMG_3896.jpg IMG_3897.jpg IMG_3898.jpg IMG_3901.jpg IMG_3905.jpg IMG_3908.jpg IMG_3909.jpg IMG_3962.jpg IMG_3963.jpg IMG_3964.jpg IMG_3965.jpg IMG_3967.jpg IMG_3968.jpg

Snatch quote' Never Trust a man with a pig farm '[


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28DL Full Member
welcome & not bad for a first report but be careful how you tell people about how you gained access, it could get you in trouble somewhere along the line

Joseph Cl;eary

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28DL Full Member
Thanks for the advice! it will be taken onboard. Also, it was a very rushed shoot as I had to be somewhere. Next time i'll make sure I have a tripod and a better lens...