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Probably the only new and interesting kind of artefact I've reached in the past couple of months. So thought I'd check in.

I seem to have really bad luck with control rooms - of the 5 power stations I've thus far taken a stab at, none of them have had a decent looking control room in situ. I guess Pigeon House upped my strike rate of quality control rooms from 0/5 to 0.5/6. Cause for a good mood for the rest of the day until my flight back to LGW was delayed an hour.

Vets on this forum who have any knowledge of stuff to see in Eire will know all about this one already. It might not be that much to look at, and it is certainly an absolute nightmare to photograph justly due to the way light fires in to the room through circular missing panels, but it's really nice to get to know where those controlling electricity at the very beginning of the 20th century would have sat and administered. Pigeon House is an old school G - as a power station was built in 1903 I believe, began winding down in the early 70s, and was finally laid to rest in 1976. It ran on coal and was formerly some sort of barracks. The rest of the power station is quite serene, pretty, tranquil... But is all about the 'vista', and does not have many other artefacts one can get up close and personal with for a while.

The general landscape one deals with below. It is an actual nightmare to photograph. The holes on the right are like magnifying glasses for sunlight, and it messes with whatever calibre of camera you're packing. Still, the lighting in person is nice vibes.


Real power in Megawatts vs apparent power (RMVA).


Can't actually find any metrics on the official generating capacity from here. But a modest amount, the early 20th century Dublin society needn't run entire office servers and such, obviously...




Supply chain...


Electrical engineering's come a long way eh!


Bit of a Mexican Wave going on along here.


General idea! A nice look into the past on the subject of power generation for 3-4-ish generations ago, not something I gave the time of day to before to say the least. Biggest decisions are always made in the boardroom...



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Still standing and not looking too bad.

They have had a bit of a clean out in Ringsend over the past few years so probably gets less visitors than it used to.


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Thanks for the link Howser, I didn't see it on Google somehow. I read elsewhere it was coal as well but looks like that's wrong.

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