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Pilgrim Psychiatric Centre NYC 1938


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Doesn't look like a nice place to be ... reminds of one of my favorite films ..

wonder if this guy worked there?
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Largest mental hospital in the world - 16,000 patients at peak!

As horrible as that looks, it was probably better than it was in the 50's-70's - the peak of misery and neglect in US "State Hospitals" and "State Schools" (what the UK would call mental hospitals and mental defective colonies (like Harperbury, Little Plumstead, Meanwood Park etc) respectively).
Check out the documentary "Titiuct Follies" (filmed in the 50's - I don't think you can buy it but it does exist on bit-torrent) and/or the documentary on Willowbrook (in the 70's!) which you can find on Youtube amongst other places. Grim almost beyond comprehension, and not very long ago really!
There are a few equivalent British documentaries including one on Rampton that sounds interesting but unfortunately can only be seen at the BFI or costs £120 on DVD!

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What a horrible place.

Danvers was an awesome explore when it was open apparently.