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Report - Pilkington's Glass factory, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster - March 2019

Terminal Decline

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Brief History
Pilkington's was established in 1826 at St Helen's, Lancashire. Their factory at Kirk Sandall was established in 1922 and has been extended several times over the years. Pilkington's was taken over by the Japanese firm NSG in 2006 and two years later the Doncaster factory was closed, resulting in the loss off over 100 jobs. The site is currently used for the storage of railway sleepers.

The explore
I was up in Yorkshire again to revisit another site which didn't quite go to plan so visited Pilkington's on the way back. I really enjoyed this place and although there is a fair amount of vandalism there was still a fair bit to see although I only just missed out on seeing the workshops which are now half demolished, with the rest of the site likely to soon follow.

_DSC2587 3.jpg

main production hall

_DSC2588 3.jpg

there was a good bit of old signage scattered around

_DSC2593 3.jpg

_DSC2605 3.jpg

there several lovely gantry cranes to be found in the buildings

_DSC2608 3.jpg

_DSC2613 3.jpg

_DSC2619 3.jpg

_DSC2635 3.jpg

_DSC2640 3.jpg

_DSC2649 3.jpg

_DSC2629 3.jpg

sand tanks

_DSC2655 3.jpg

_DSC2738 3.jpg

_DSC2715 3.jpg

_DSC2721 3.jpg

_DSC2730 3.jpg

_DSC2741 3.jpg

_DSC2664 3.jpg

the loading bay

_DSC2579 3.jpg

_DSC2681 3.jpg

the area below the production hall

_DSC2685 3.jpg

_DSC2694 3.jpg
back-up generator set

_DSC2704 3.jpg

_DSC2761 3.jpg

remains of an electric motor

_DSC2762 3.jpg

_DSC2756 3.jpg

the workshops are currently under demolition

_DSC2571 3.jpg

_DSC2749 3.jpg

torn up remains of the workshop gantry cranes in the scrap heap

_DSC2670 3.jpg

one of the two compressor units in a small outbuilding

_DSC2676 3.jpg

Thanks for looking

The Amateur Wanderer

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Nothing lasts forever I suppose, very sad to see this though, one of my favourites for sure and my first real hit at mega industry.

The history of the site is phenomenal too, I should really write it up at some point…


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Good pictures, I haven't been for a few months... Last time I went they had just demolished the engineering workshop, I hope that is all they are demolishing!
unsure if there is intent to put something in the newly flattened area or if they are flattening more to make space for housing. they also plugged any holes in fences although these were opened up again when I walk past a week after.


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I am aware not to ask for locations or access but is this place still there or has it been demolished now?

I attempted two visits just before the lockdown, one beingto the old lane mill in Halifax and the other to TMD marshalling yard and both were failures so I am trying to do more research instead of just exploring before driving so far now.

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