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Report - Pill Box Lydney October 2015


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Short History
This pillbox is said to be unusual as it contains no well for an anti-aircraft weapon and is build differently to the usual FW/3 27 models. A blast wall protects the Eastern entrance which suggests that it was used primarily for defence and observing the River Severn for enemy forces. Although a well placed bunker it is said that it wasn't the most heavily fortified and could have easily been destroyed, an extra wall was added as the anti ricochet wall.

My thoughts
I walk past it when I journey down the docks and have a look inside, seems mostly people hang out in it but it's still in good condition and it's nice to see the view through the little holes in the sides. It's not a huge exploration spot but I've always loved it and thought it needed covering.

pill box 1.jpg

pillbox 2.jpg

pill box 3.jpg

pill box 4.jpg

pill box 5.jpg

pill box 6.jpg

pill box 7.jpg

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pill box 9.jpg
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Yeah I forgot to add that but I know in the history that I found of it, it said also used to old that specific roof up, I could be completely wrong though :p I'll correct that.

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