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Report - Pillbox(?) on the beach Easington Colliery nr Peterlee


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28DL Full Member
While working away in Peterlee, i had some spare time so I took a drive to Easington Colliery and found a small Pillbox(?) on the beach.
Its just off a public footpath that runs alongside the railway line.
Looked in pretty good condition structurally and it looked like someone may be living rough in there.
Please excuse the quality of the pics, i only had my work iphone with me,
sorry its a bit lame, this is only my second report so any advice is welcome








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Nothing wrong with a small report on a pillbox (particularly one that fewer people will pay much attention to).

First image shows nicely how they included a loophole to protect the access. It's main purpose being to enfilade the beach is obvious from the paired slits of the two sides which cover that.

You could have found out a bit more information about it very easily as it was recorded during the CBA Defence of Britain project. It has a description so was actually visited rather than being a desk-based observation (many of which were very poor recordings). The DoB project overlay can be viewed online and downloaded as a kml file. There is also an 'extended' version (started by Steve Thompson) with twice as many records (as it's still being added to whereas the original project was time limited and closed). These daysthe extended overlay can be found via the pill box study group website. It contains far more than just pillboxes but also omits just as much 20th century stuff as it includes (the C20th moniker in this case pretty much means WW1 & WW2 rather than 20th Century).

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