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Report - Pincet Lodge - North Kilworth, Leicestershire, Oct 2019


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Hello all! This is my first report so please be gentle. I know that this place has been done to death and I've seen a lot of reports floating around, but I wanted my first explore to be somewhere local and relatively easily accessible.

I don't know anything about the history of this place: I've been scouring various online sources and can't find anything, aside from the fact that it used to be a family-owned farm. Unfortunately, the house is no longer in good condition, after falling victim to tagging, burning, vandalism, and general decay. After reading through some reports from 2014 and 2015, it's safe to say that the house no longer looks the way it did a few years ago. A lot of the windows have been smashed, the floorboards have been pulled up, various items are missing, and the interior is littered with graffiti. I believe that some areas of the house have been stripped for renovation, but the house has yet to be renovated.

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I got out to Kilworth at around midday, and the area itself is dead in terms of people. There is a house across the road, but it's quite a distance away from the derelict farmhouse itself. Various old farm vehicles were scattered around the overgrown garden area, including this old car which was completely totalled. The front of the car was completely destroyed, and the front driver door had been ripped off.




There were some old farm vehicles in the area, including what looked like an old truck, but not much is left of that either.


Alongside the vehicles, there were several worn-down barns, surrounded by broken glass and pottery, and old pieces of farm equipment. Not much is left in the barns, and the structure of the barns themselves is weak, as some parts had fallen down.



I searched for a little while for a way in, as a large portion of the garden area is overgrown, and some structural damage blocks other entrances to the house. Through one of the barns, I found a gate leading to the front garden which was overgrown with nettles: some of which were almost as tall as me. From the gate I could see the windows at the back of the house, most of which were boarded up, except for one upstairs window.




There was another building connected to the main house, but I'm unsure if it was entrance or not as it was completely overgrown. As I went further towards the front of the house, I made it to the front bay windows, which have been completely smashed. The front porch is littered with broken glass, and ivy has overtaken the entrance. Some of the front windows were boarded up, but most of them were smashed and the wood was decaying, looking like it had been damaged by fire. In the pictures, you can tell that there used to be some kind of coloured glass-work in the windows, but the glass itself is no longer there.






The interior of the house has been practically wrecked by damp and fire, and some areas seemed massively unstable. The path (if you could call it that) leading through to the living room consists of a wobbly wooden board, and the stairs down to the basement looked like they had completely collapsed. The stairs looked like they could collapse at any minute. I was going to go further into the house, but I only really stuck to downstairs, as I had forgotten my dust mask (I have asthma and I'm a wuss). I didn't venture too much into the house, but I got some good pictures from the living room area.



Above are the remains of the piano I've read a lot about in some reports, lying in front of the (non-existent) fireplace. Several other explorers have spoken about this piano very fondly, and it seems like it was an iconic part of this house. Unfortunately, it has been completely torn up and looks like it has sustained some fire damage. It's a shame as I would have liked to have seen this piano in good condition, but unfortunately, I was a bit too late to play it. It also seems like the fireplace itself has been stripped.



Alongside the fireplace and the destroyed piano lies this teddy-bear head. I'm unsure why it was there and how it got there, and I looked for the rest of the body, but couldn't find anything. It looked kind of ominous and I thought it was cool.


A view of the remains of the living room - including the creepy teddy-bear head in the bottom right. Ivy has started to protrude into the living room itself, and I imagine it won't be long before it takes over.



I also couldn't leave without taking a selfie - as close as I'll get, anyway. This was taken out on the front porch where I was surrounding by broken glass and pottery. I do really want to go back here at some point - hopefully before it gets completely destroyed! It looks like it would have been a beautiful family home in its time, and it's a shame that is has gone into disrepair. I feel like I didn't spend as much time here as I could have, but as a first experience of exploring, I enjoyed what I saw and enjoyed the experience of exploring the main house and its surrounding buildings. I'm ultimately happy with the pictures I got and how they turned out, but I would really love to go back!

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Good effort. Yep shame its so smashed up. Pretty good 1st report, keep em coming :thumb


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@Calamity Jane thank you! I’m hoping to go to a few more local places in the next few weeks so watch this space haha.
@HughieD tbh I would have loved to have seen this place in its prime. It looks like it was such a lovely little family home but it’s been completely ruined :mad:

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