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Report - Pincroft Culvert, Adlington - May 2016

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Pincroft Culvert, Adlington

First done a few years back by @Kenni, this has been on my to do list for ages but always been left as an 'emergency explore' - after 4 fails earlier in the evening checking out other bits I'd spotted on maps it was time....

Theres not much to say about this one, its a short culvert taking the River Douglas underneath Pincroft dye works in Adlington. The brick outfall arch contains a grilled off smaller tunnel coming from the works above, the water here is steaming hot and has quite a strong ammonia smell to it. Further in the construction changes to stone before we get to what looks like an old buried brick bridge, and through the other side its back to stone again.
Overhead through most of the culvert are reinforcing concrete beams vibrating away from the activity in the above works....










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Great pics :thumb

Forgot there was a culvert under the dyeworks! Spent a fair bit of time up the chimney here in the past. Presume one end is in the dyworks itself?


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There is another very large culvert to that river, it starts in Arley wood, no idea where it ends, we used to walk up a stone walkway when we were kids but it was gated or blocked off maybe 40 yards or so in, I was kid then but thats what I remember ofthe Arley woods culvert

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