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Report - Pine End Works, Lydney - February 2015


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Visited with Bryn Kearsey and a non-member.

Despite several reports already being uploaded for this site, the last one being from September 2014, I feel as though, because of how much I love this place, I had to join in and do a write-up myself.

"Pine End Works had been in operation for more than 60 years, up until the site's closure in the early 2000s. Occupying a 14-acre site it was built by the government in 1940 to manufacture technical aircraft and marine plywood for wartime requirements. Parts for the De Havilland Mosquito and the Horsa glider (used in large numbers for Operation Overlord, Market Garden etc.) were built here. The plant became part of the national network of "shadow factories" designed to carry on the war effort when installations in more vulnerable locations were destroyed by enemy action. To preserve secrecy the new factory was misleadingly designated "Factories Direction Ltd.", a name which persisted long after the end of the war by which time the plant had been taken on by two of the countries largest timber groups, William Mallison and Sons Ltd. and Gliksten Plywood Limited. A later reorganisation resulted in the name being changed to "Mallison-Denny (Lydney) Limited" in the 1980s. By the time of its closure, the factory was more commonly known as 'Lydney Products' after a few changes in the management."​

Now for some photos:








We ended up finding this old phonebook which dated back to 1987. Eventually found one or two of my relatives in there, which was interesting!


We also found the office filled with documents, some of which dating back to the 1950s, however it seemed slightly emptier than what it was like last time we were there. This here, in fact, is one of a few collector's books that can be found around this particular office among hundreds of other bits of paperwork.


Along with that, we found a record of the 1931 census in the reception area, which was well worth a mooch in itself.​


I recently found this photo of my Great-Grandad, as well, during his time at Pine End Works in the early 1960s. After visiting the place a number of times before, I recognised where it was taken and decided to try and match it up with its current scene.​

Finally, upon leaving the site we came across another warehouse that, I do not believe, has been featured on 28DL before. It was filled with hundreds, maybe thousands, of wooden products that had never been sold before the place closed in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, we didn't really get any photos of the space worth sharing, however it might be a reason to go back and get a few more snaps!

Thanks for looking!​
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Good to see the place again, looks like the elements have been doing there thing. Thanks for sharing!

You mean the warehouse at the back of the site on the right? the light in there is crap.


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Great report, especially love the inclusion of your great grandad at the end :)


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Last picture is fantastic, very interesting report. Must get myself here in the pokemon spirit of "gotta catch 'em all"...


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The warehouse nearest the house at the top of the lane. No, shame the lighting in there wasn't the best.


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Nice work, looks like the place still manages to hold its own even now the machinery has gone.

Last picture's a belter.


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Despite the lack of much machinery I think it's a good site that's well worth anyones time if they are in the area. Lovely report this and the incision of the last photo is amazing. Must of been a rather special explore for you this. :thumb

Hector Rex

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Nice work dude and some tasty images! when the sun comes through the holes in the roof you get some magical rays coming through the holes in the roof :)

Oxygen Thief

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Yeah what actually caught fire?

This is great, well considered and executed...



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There seemed to be a large supply of what looked like reasonably new timber that had caught fire. There was loads of rubble and scorched timber on pallets by where the fire had been. Unfortunately didn't get any pictures of that as saw it from the outside and security got to us before we got there on the inside.


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Was a fire at this place recently http://www.theforestreview.co.uk/news.cfm?id=35306

Went there in the past week- seem to have heightened security and after half an hour me and my mate were escorted off the premises.
Yeah, the warehouse at the back I had mentioned was what caught fire - lots of dry wood in there but, weirdly, a lot of it's still outside.

Didn't realise they've upped security though, I haven't noticed anything different going on down there. Whereabouts were you caught?

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