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Report - Pinner Quarry - Crawshawbooth - December 16


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I was told about this location by some local lads so I can't take the glory for finding it. Headed up on a weekend in December. Didn't take too long to find the entrance but a word of warning to anyone who might be thinking of venturing up, there is a shooting range right next to location. There are signs stating not to enter when the red flags up but be weary.

The quarry consisted of a worked rock face with several mine entrances along its perimeter, all of which (apart from one that we found) were blocked off by iron bars.

Inside the mine there were several tunnels leading off into the hillside, most of which were filled with rock heaps that had fallen from the ceilings. There were several parts of the mine that looked very unsafe so we did no venture as far as we had liked to.

Here is a link I found with some background history of the quarry and its lifetime.










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Good to see :thumb

One on my list and nice to know there may be a wee bit more!


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Ha !

Managed to nearly kill the dog in a mine (short legs, black damp I was kicking up as I walked through and he followed).

Pic 5 looks a bit like Box after 10 hours...i.e. where the fuck do I go now.

Nice pics though...assume it was sandstone they were trying to win ?


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I have visions of the ceilings coming down and crushing me.I'm too much of a shit bag. It was sandstone they were digging for.


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Didn't see any equipment but I've been told there is an old crane in there. Didn't venture in far enough to find it.


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28DL Full Member
Wow mate that's a serious trek. Are there many good spots over your neck of the woods? Only recently started myself so not been to many.

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