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Report - Pipemare, Halifax - May 2010


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Pipemare, Halifax - Visited By Ojay & Thompski.

Having had a quick mooch round some mills, and a can't be arsed approach to some roof-topping, we headed over to Halifax to do what we do best, draining :D

Thank fook, I've seen enough Mills and dereliction for one week, back to the underground stuff.

Anyway enough of the banter, 'PIPEMARE' is an interesting culverted section(s) of the Hebble Brook.

The River Hebble, or Hebble Brook, rises just above Ovenden Moor, Yorkshire, and flows South down the geological fault which passes from Ogden, through Halifax to Salterhebble. The river has many names as it flows through the district: Ogden Brook, Mixenden Beck, The Dodge, Jumples Beck, Ovenden Wood Brook, Halifax Brook, Salterhebble Brook.


I decided to take some shots of the infall before it went dark, I was beginning to wonder why Thompski stayed on the bridge? No sooner had I slid on my arse down, I was sinking fast into silted shit sand,

whilst trying to balance on the biggest pile of nettles I have ever seen. (They seem to be following me around since the incident at Leeds).

Anyway after what seemed like ages, I managed to haul my arse out, up and down into the Infall, which was pretty cool in itself as you climb down past the 'mini falls' before heading downstream.

This drain changes shape and size that often and is so varied it even makes the concrete a pleasure to walk through for a change :sarcastic

Now then if you plan and 'doing' this one, be prepared it's a reet old ankle breaker. It makes the WORKS DRAIN in Manchester a piece of piss....

At around 1400 metres in length, excluding the 'Pipemare' it's a right old mooch; Walking, stooping, climbing whilst passing through Stone, Spray Crete, Brick, Rcp, Cso's, 130ft Dropshafts before finally heading down to the pipes themselves. On the way we passed the 'Sump Of Doom' which judging by the effects of the boulder I wrestled in, death is immenent if you fall in there, be warned, it's on the left, just before the culvert opens up for the first of 2 tiny sections before the downstream bit.

We spent a good few hours in here, largely down to the fact that it was rocky as fook, and a right old stooper in parts. After an eternity we made it to the pipes, bloody hell what a clusterfuck! a few

photos later and it was time to call it a night....until....BANG! My fucking head, as I managed to walk straight into a supporting steel strut..

I just wanted to GTFO by this point sporting my new cartoon lump, and as I was waiting for Thompski to finish dicking around, the strangest thing ran by, I thought I was hallucinating again :confused. It wasn't a Rat, infact it was more like some mutant ferret, even better I stood there grinning whilst Thompski had to walk past it's nest (Winner).

We even considered walking back overground at one point, but as we seem to both share the same can't be arsed attitude at the minute we headed back the way we came :D

Rusty Pipes & Fanny Plasters FTW....

'Falls' - Other side of the Infall


Once down, 150 yards up this stone/spray-crete tunnel


before it opens up into this much larger stone/brick tunnel



WARNING - Slippy as Fook, we had to shimmy along the side, but on the way back I just wadered in....


Another 300 yards down and we could hear the loud roar ahead, sure enough it wasn't long before we arrived at the 2nd 'Falls'


A quick climb down and we are now into this rather long concrete section, with the main trunk sewer flowing through the box section below our feet


After stooping for ever and a day, it opened up into this much larger RCP, we had slip 'n' slide along this rusty sewer pipe for an age


before being greeted with the smell of sewerfresh from this rather large CSO


Before it eventually widened into another stone/brick come spray-crete tunnel


This section was rather relentless and a real ankle breaker (FFS where the pipes?)!!!

15 minutes later we were greeted with more sewerfresh smells from the following overflows


and then into some red brickwork, not often seen in Yorkshire.


Not long in we could see daylight, we passed the 'Sump of Doom' on the left before we went back under again,


more ankle breaking stoopyness brought us to the following split in the system


The Brook continued down the LEFT section


Whilst on the RIGHT was dry for a while



before it eventually joined the Brook again and turned into a right 'Pipemare'





A worthwhile mooch, but doubt I will be returning anytime soon. Thanks for looking :thumb

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