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Report - Piranha (CSO), Tameside - April 2014.


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Piranha (CSO)


Slap bang in the middle of Guide Bridge, Audenshaw & Dukinfield this lot..

This Stone outfall had been on the back-burner for a good couple of years now, and infact the last time I attempted a look in, the heavens opened so I walked away

Perhaps just as well really having finally had a poke about inside, it's not somewhere you would want to be stuck when it rains :eek:

Unbeknown to me until a couple of day's ago Alley & FreshFingers had also been following up an old watercourse in the area and had also stumbled upon it

(I soon realised this when we compared notes prior to today's outing)

As for the name, Alley's thread will no doubt explain, watch this space..

Same place, 2 different agendas, Alley & FreshFingers were chasing surface water and myself and Nickindroy were chasing :turd

The smell from the outfall always suggested sewer overflow, it was what had initially grabbed my attention

It's also home to 3 watercourses and the entire system is hundreds of years old

I'm not going to go into any detail regarding the watercourse(s) themselves as that's Alley's work, and I certainly do look forward to reading that!

Alley & myself kitting up, another candid pic taken by Nick


Hurst Brook > Shaw Brook > Jeremy Brook

What we have here, 3 tributaries that have long been culverted and serve 2 CSO(s) both attached to the same trunk sewer

The latter one a powered screening chamber that has since been retro-fitted in recent years further downstream

"It's a stooper Ojay" said FreshFingers, having already been in here recently


Someone really needs to re-define stooping, as the largest diameter here was 5ft, (and well under 5ft for the majority) a construction of Brick/Stone Arch/Egg

Even the later RCP overflow for the additional CSO was a stoopfest!


Nick forgot his lid, and managed to polish the crown :D

The stooping was one thing, but the crawling through arse soup and god only knows what via a 3ft stone arch that serves Hurst Brook a lot further upstream NSFW

Thanks for that, I thoroughly enjoyed dragging my sorry arse through that bit :rolleyes:

Anyway never a dull moment, even kitting up with Rod, Jane & Freddy provided lulz, the pre-rigged zip line was no match for Alley's waders either

Credit to Nick for people shots, as I only fetched my camera out for the sewer bits...

A 5ft round brick pipe soon shrinks to a smaller egg, a whiff of fresh and the lady products draped from the ceiling round the corner meant we were close


(I'm not really the colour of a sewer these days, Nick seems to have a quality street wrapper stuck on his lens0r)

A further 50m and junction within a large drop-shaft

Ahead the watercourse continues upstream, the RCP on the left is the overflow from the additional screened CSO that has since been added


2 heaped spoon fulls please





Twin powered screens sit above the sewer, it's nearly 3m at this point



Heading out and it was now back to more stooping up the culvert :(


A long slog this one..

Time for a back stretch


..and a breather


We soldiered on a considerable distance before we were greeted with the fresh aroma once more

Ahead a rat legged it, I spotted some washed up poo and the usual toilet peripherals

A bit further along and the culvert was interrupted once more, this time with a larger concrete overflow..


Inside, step irons lead above a 2 tier storm overflow come detention tank


Below, a modest 2m sewer


This secondary overflow serves another sewer further upstream


We headed out and back into some fresh (er) air, I was filthy and managed to take a quick shower whilst the others grabbed some snaps


All good things come to an end, the can was a welcome sight I tell you :thumb


Shouts to Alley, FreshFingers & Nickindroy for a decent Sunday stroll

For more on this check out Alley's writeup here > http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/uk-draining-forum/89481-piranha-culvert-tameside-2013-4-a.html#post1030346



Mr Muscle
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Good stuff guys, looks a decent drain this one & sounds like a proper day out!

Well done :thumb


Choose life, choose tunnels
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Waaahaha :laugh

I told my good lady and she nearly collapsed with laughter. I reckon it was some sort of revenge :(


My name is Jeff
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Lovely shots, looks a bit fresh!

Nick, there's nothing wrong with taking abit of poo to the brain :D

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