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Report - Pirniehall School, Croftamie, January 2013


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Hi all

I know there are a few reports in the archives but I thought this place could do with an update.

Myself and Piratebaz took a wee trip out to catch here and the ruined Buchanan Castle, we were a bit apprehensive as this was our first proper explore where somebody might turn up and take exception to us being there, so we treated it more as a recce.

Having looked at the previous report the main building seem to have suffered quite a bit of collapse over the past 2 or 3 years, large parts of the first floor are now gone, and the usual damp and rot are taking hold, there doesn't seem to be much interference from the local young team, other than the obligatory broken windows. We had a quick snoop about the main building but did not explore fully as we planned to go back.

Anyway here a a few shots from the day









Hope you enjoy.


Cherry Paige

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28DL Member
A quick snoop... That's about right! You people are the ignorance of society! How's about staying off people's private land? These people should come and snoop about your home/land - if indeed you own any... Photograph... Sneak off and post their nonsense online... Dispicible

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