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Hi guys, i was browsing the net and found a rather interesting site called (www.ghost-of.org) there is a post on there of a plane grave yard in Horsham. It looks really interesting! Im not sure when the pics were taken or if its still there? I tried to join the site but it keeps throwing me off saying my D.O.B or Password is in vaild?? Also tried to email the site but still had no joy? i would love to find out exactly where it is and if its still there, anyone know any info on this place at all?? Any help appreciated :thumb


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Well the pictures were taken on the 3rd August 2009 and the email address of the websites owner if you need it is Laurence_Russell@o2.co.uk

However he's not updated his blog or forum for 7 months - so he may have walked away from that particular project.

His user name on this forum is ghost-trains - but he's not been here for 2 months.


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Hi guys, this is my very first post here.

Me and a friend found this plane graveyard back in 2006. It's not actually in Horsham but in fact is in Faygate, which is about a 5-10 minute drive outside of Horsham.

Coincidently only last week I was out for a drive with my girlfriend and though I'd swing by Faygate and see if this was still here but sadly it has been completely flattened and in its place is a rather flash looking house with a huge garden.

It's a shame this was gone because it was very accessible and there was some great stuff there to see for what was essentially only a small site!


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The location is named Vallance Byways Industrial Estate and is located in Lowfield Heath Road very close to Charlwood and Gatwick Airport.

Hopefully this post should enable you to fine tune your bearings a little.;)


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Hi Guy's went and had a look there about four weeks ago and theyve cleared the site completely and built a new house there.
Just to confirm we spoke with a farmer driving by in his tractor who confirmed the all is now gone :(
& yeh Faygate it was


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There are a few fuel tanks in the woods right next to the new house but nothing of interest really.

Shame it was a good mooch.

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