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Report - Plough House Farm, Worthen, Shropshire - May 2016


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Breaking my first report cherry with this...

As previous reports have suggested, being a residential explore there is not an awful lot of known history of the place but it's a house filled with nostalgia, neglect and at many times was quite an emotional and awkward place to explore. Being my first exploration of a previous residential home, amongst the amazement of exploring, seeing so many incredible possessions held in time and the peace of the surroundings, it felt quite upsetting thinking this was once someones home, now left to be forgotten. You'd hope someone out there has not forgotten the former residence in the same way.

The explore was quite a treck, taken by train, bus and then foot. I sometimes think I should really just rent a car for these things but there's also something quite fun about the mission getting to the destination, walking down country roads on your own avoiding cars wondering if this is really a normal pastime to have.

The entry and explore in itself was fairly easy and uninterrupted (although I had heard rumors of a guy shouting through the window at others who had visited?), with the immediate garden being fairly overgrown, swamping some of the cars that have been shown in previous reports. Inside, the property is in a fair mess now, with only certain highlights and picture opportunities amongst the boxes and clothes strewn across the rooms. It's been quoted this property has been left since 2002, which as one would expect would not leave it in the best state at present, however there's clearly been some ransacking and damage which is a shame when you're trying to appreciate it from a photography point of view.

Below are some of the photos from the explore, hopefully that's enough of a ramble for a sufficient first report.

Thanks :Not Worthy


















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Not for me unfortunately, you've not moved them at all since you posted the links?
Not my thread ;)

Tested the images in IE/Edge and they don't work, so I assume they only work with Chrome as anything else gives a Google 404.


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You'll need to add a bit more info about where it is and the like, apart from that your report & pics are fine :thumb


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Pics working fine now
Thanks for the original spot :cool:

You'll need to add a bit more info about where it is and the like, apart from that your report & pics are fine :thumb
Cheers for the feedback, I'm guessing from other reports just the general city/town will suffice rather than any A-Z maps?;)

Looks like a really interesting explore, and you have some really nice photos there, it's just a shame this place is a bit too far for me! :(
Thank you very much! Where are you based? This trip took almost every mode of transport available, I'm sure in a car it would be much easier and hit a few sites :thumb

(Must stop being drawn towards using these old school smileys:D)


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Ahh I loved this little time capsule. It was on my report that a family friend? got protective. Well done for getting in tho as I know there's all signs up now and new boards. Friends have even said the door going into hall is now locked! I would suggest any future callers be careful and don't except full access :)

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