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Report - plymouth airport june 2019


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known about this one for a while and decided to have a look, we had a look around for any entrances and found a gate that was open just enough to squeeze through into the back of the airport . first we had a look in some outbuildings that were heavily vandalized, still,some very old computer stuff lying around, strangely enough,we found about 15 hard drives all smashed up outside the building.

after looking round the portakabins we went over to the main building. in an attempt to "board up " a window a couple of sheets of ply were rested against a smashed window so we thought clearly there wouldn't be security here. we were wrongbe security here. we were wrong, as soon as we got inside we started hearing things above us so we got out and as we were leaving we got confronted by a security guard. luckily he was nice enough about the whole thing and just asked us to leave, still managed to get a few photos of the outside


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An interesting report for me because when I worked one of my customers was Stafford-Miller and they had to close their Plymouth site because of proposed expansion to the airport and their site was needed. It never happened and the airport has been closed since 2011. There is a debate on whether the land should be turned into housing as most think an airport in Plymouth is not viable, but some argue against losing the airport and the latest I can see is it still remains undecided. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/business/plymouth-danger-losing-airport-forever-1153934

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