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Report - Plymstock ROC Post - Devonshire Group - Dec '09


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This post has been DEMOLISHED.

Visited with Icutyou.
SubBrit report here.

Situated just North of Staddon Farm, East of Staddon Fort.
Before it's current owners took it over, Staddon farm was owned by the War Department (Now the MOD). In 1991, when the post closed for the last time, it was demolished and the monitoring room filled in.
The lady who runs the farm was reluctant to allow us to take any photos, but she assures us that the post is now flattened and completely covered by grass.

The approximate location of the Post


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Nice one jonseybop.

If you look at the picture below of the post back when it was still around you can see serveral odd things. Firstly the load of steps on the side heading towards the GZI mount even though it already has a step to the hatch, maybe an easier way of changing the GZI cassettes:confused And like most of the Devon posts it has the high GZI which has always puzzled me, perhaps so better readings can be got if trees or the such like are in the way?


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