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Plz help


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I live in hertford in a small village with nothing to do lol me and my GF trying to find locations near me I've scouted the web and have only found 1 building/fort and it was flooded! I've spent days looking on google maps and look for holes in roofs etc and when I think I have found somewhere I pin it and go try to find it with my GF but 90% it's been torn down or we cant find it. I know you probably get this a lot but can anyone help with finding locations or even swap locations I know I only have 1 location but we all have to start somewhere. We are not gonna smash the place or steal anything we just want to take some cool pictures.Take pictures and leave footprints


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Welcome to 28dl

Yes, almost everyone who joins asks for locations instead of doing a little bit of legwork themselves....there is a search box at the top right of the website...not difficult to find ;)

There are sticky posts with guidance too....

Have a read of this one:

It gives all the basic info you need about how things work round here.

You have both been for an explore already - great stuff....how about making a post about that? There's a sticky about how to do a 'report' and looking at previous posts will give you ideas. Doesn't need to be 'epic', doesn't matter if it's a place others have already made reports about. Try and make it a little bit unique - unseen parts, a different take on it, a bit of info about your actual visit.

Look forward to seeing more soon ;)

Explore safely but have fun.

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