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Report - Pocock Brothers Padded Cell - Haslar Psychiatric Block - Nov 2014


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There is a picture gaj of the name plate in place on some guys blog type of affair from a permission visit granted to document the place,no idea when this was done but the pictures been there a while if anyone bothered to google haslar padded cell so it is far from a secret if anyone looked,and speed or was it ot said about mention of the ward on a facebook group,also true..so yes i can see a point that everyone is trudging over the same old stuff when there is stuff on this site worth looking at like the morgues and the such like,but sometimes the safer route is the well trodden route..


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I did alter a makers plate in my pro fashion too, you wanna see it? :D


Mr Muscle
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Nah, this one took more effort to make a seamless colour match :p:, apologies to whoever took the original..


The Kwan

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I'm probably going to regret this, but here goes...

There are probably many things amongst this fiasco that could catapult further and deeper debate about this silly hobby

A couple of things stick out for me, the first one being this whole tourist nonsense, sure we all ridicule each other from time to time both on and off-line regarding this, but the fact remains we all have been down this route on occasions and in many cases is really just banter..

There is only one person who I can think of EVER that can be excluded from that

Now, whilst there is nothing wrong from time to time of having a look at what others have turned up, the point that Speed was trying to put across is more the fact that a great majority of people do nothing other than tourism

I personally don't see a problem with this, and ultimately if people are enjoying poking about with their mates and/or taking pics of said locations then happy days

Yes it would be nice if people made more of an effort, but sadly not everyone is motivated to go out and piss about wasting time and money looking for new stuff the length & breadth of this country

The second point being THIS

A crying shame that is, however I can fully understand why many people have become insular

Personally, I enjoy underground stuff; drains in case anyone hasn't noticed is something I like to explore, this I do because I'm a nosey bugger and like to understand how systems work

No fucks are given if nobody comments or sticks a thumb up my arse for the occasional thread I stick up on the subject and I expect nothing in return either

Furthermore, when I first started exploring I managed to ruffle a few feathers, mainly because I was too eager, and in the early day's mithering too much instead of getting stuck in with research and was casted out on the back of my actions, and rightly so at the time! (Apologies, you know who you are :))

I bounced back, learning from my mistakes and this spurred me on to actually 'explore' new stuff and to carry on doing what I enjoy, and to some extent still do, although I find myself with less time on my hands these days

I've also been fortunate enough to have seen some places I wouldn't have otherwise seen if it wasn't for the work and risk taking of others, and I'm happy to acknowledge that fact and credit people where it's due also

Some truly amazing people have been met along the way and without said 'silly hobby' probably would never have done so, it continues to be an eye opener for sure!

Anyway, I digress, Urban Exploration, Urbex, 'Sploring or what other silly label people wish to attach to this hobby is many things on different levels to all concerned and far be it for anyone of us to judge

HDR/GAZ MASGS/COCO THE CLOWN - Sure we ridicule these people, but really they enjoy what they do and are happy with the processed photatoes they produce and share, no problem with that

BOLT CROPPING CREW - Again, everyone is accountable for their actions, we don't condone it, but let's be honest a good number of us have benefited over the years from this, again no problem

MEDIA WHORES - Controversial, but as far as I'm concerned it happens, will continue to happen so we really ought to get over it and let people get on with that also, despite what many of us think

These day's I'd rather just go out and piss about, meeting people here and there whether it be in drains or in some mine or boozer consuming alcohol and listening to tales of what really goes on from the few people I have any time for these day's

The only people I will ever have beef with is the people that come on here spouting shyte every time something controversial such as this thread pops up, it's not necessary and simply have no time for it

(Keep it constructive or don't bother posting at all!)

What I do have time for is each and everyone of you who has contributed here past and present, no matter what type of epic or shit hole, if you enjoy it, keep doing it :)

Everyone has their own boundaries and are often limited either because of experience or maybe their chosen career, whatever

I invest much of my spare time behind the scenes here helping new people when they struggle cobbling a report together. I also put more than my share of time in keeping the place ticking over too, which largely is a thankless task, however I see this as a way of giving something back. The amount of shit being a forum Administrator also brings often leaves me questioning why, the truth is I'm passionate about what each and everyone of you do and long may it continue...

I can't vouch for the rest of the stuff Speed talks about, and if anyone is labouring under the misapprehension he gives a crap either then you'd be wrong also :p:


As usual Ojay, presented with reason and by somebody who knows the score, I also know your love for the hobby, the scene and this forum, so only a fool wouldnt listen to your words mate. we need a name for that cat :)


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At least this thread has been a lot more enjoyable and interesting (for me at least) than just getting a load of replys along the line of 'great pics mate' and 'cool find'
Great pics mate, what a cool find! ;)

This thread has been a really interesting read.

I'm happy for everyone to do what they want if that's what they enjoy, if people want to follow the tourist trail (which I've done a lot of in the past), then that's totally fine.

But with the resources available these days it's so easy to go hunting for new stuff, it just takes a bit of effort. Some quick browsing on the internet and reading your local newspapers can reveal a whole load of really interesting stuff in your local area that seemingly no one has explored. It's just that you have to spend a lot more time to get it to pay off (unless you're lucky!), keeping on going back until you discover a way in and even if it is shit after all of that at least you can pat yourself on the back for working on something. One of the places that actually got me exploring 3 years ago, I've still not managed to get into, I've unearthed plenty of information and old photos etc, hopefully one day I can add some of my own photos to this! I check on it a few times a month, and I have done so for the best part of 2 years at least. Maybe one day a nice me sized opening will appear and I will get to see if it was worth all of the effort!

Anyway, I'm not used to posting long posts like that so I'll go back to being quiet for a while... :p:

I really enjoyed your report Speed, I didn't think that any padded cells would crop up after all that time.


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Nice pics, the write up could do with a bit of a polish up, but looks like you had a good time.


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The second most used comment about 28DL (the first being what a bunch of thieving vandal irresponsible unsafe c***s we are) is "saw it on 28DL" etc etc
this comment made me want to point out, yup.. theres plenty of 'haters' enough out there, without us all falling out in here amongst ourselves.
Its a strong community here.. and a BIG community at that... which means we're never all going to agree on everything... I've both followed the 'tourist trail' and also 'hopefully'(!) brought a few new things over the years. I find a lot of pleasure in both, and helped out a few people who've mailed me, as theres been a few times when ive needed help too.
To me, the bottom line is that its a hobby and can understand those not wanting the possible repercussions of being the 'first' to try something, but if you CAN bring something new to the site now and again, brilliant, if not, then thats cool also, its "each to their own" and what they feel comfortable with is the main thing.

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I think we're beginning to reach a consensus here. Did anyone notice the padded cell in the first post?


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But for the grace of humanity you and I might end up somewhere like that tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing.


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Well, they are photos taken recently yes ... but it's not that long ago when those cells were in use. In some parts of the world they are still in use ...