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Report - - Poking around SE Cornwall tonight (tanks and tunnels) | Military Sites |

Report - Poking around SE Cornwall tonight (tanks and tunnels)

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Got back from work and it had been a hard day so instead of crashing out, I decided to show you lot this one. It's right in the middle of somewhere quite well known and is quite mysterious.

I was here:-

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In that patch of woods are some rather odd things. At Cremyll, in WW2, there was a ship refuelling depot, here are the tanks and a rather odd tunnel, which I assume was for some sort of water displacement. It is baffled and goes in for several hundred meters to a blank wall. It is rather large but curious, due to the later tunnel, I am bemused if that was it's original purpose. A mate and I went in there a while ago to see if it went back any further and concluded that it didn't. There is an enclosure with a pumphouse which is used as a store, a few VERY LARGE underground tanks with amazing echoes. I want to go and stand in the middle of one, and shout, it would be awesome. These tanks have access plates which have been removed, you can access these and the valves through sand lined corridoors with their original whitewash. The stuff is large scale indeed. Looking back at the flash map, the field to the left of the mark has a bit of woods which looks like it shouldn't be there and that has a few more tanks.

So, behind the pumphouse in a gully, there is a fair sized tunnel, you could get a lorry through it, it also goes back several hundred meters to a blank wall. In between the portal and the end are several baffle walls. Inside, cracks are monitored with this sort of stuff like technical chewing gum. It is serious concrete, in the floor is a drainage ditch and on the wall is about a 6" pipe which goes behind the further "tank"


Here's one showing the baffled wall and the floor drainage gully.


This is a BIG tunnel and the scale is not apparent.

Behind there are some signs of an earthwork with blast walls and entrances.


Closer inspection reveals a rusty door, a whitewashed corridoor and some stuff including moster valves, these would have been the sends to the pontoon.


There's the removed access hatch next to the monster pipe.


Having a look inside, there is a triple massive tank with supports, it has amazing acoustics and is HUGE


Another entrance to a control room

Oddly, in the middle of the field here:-

Zoom Earth | LIVE weather map, storm tracker, rain radar

There is this:-


Closer inspection reveals:-


Even closer reveals the buggers have gated it recently...... Looks like the hinges on the right would lift off, you would need a big bar and PUT THEM BACK AFTERWARDS.


Looking through, this is a smaller tunnel than the other one, you can see the drainage ditch in the floor and this tunnel goes back unbaffled all the way, about 400M to a concrete cast wall, again, with no evidence of anything behind it.


Hope you're stoked, I have found no information of it on the interweb at all.