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Report - Poland -Soviet Army Command and control center


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Traces of this underground command center is in the western part of Poland, relatively close to the border with Germany. Have not 100% aware of what it was, but data on the internet point to a "secret command center for the Soviet army in the field" and that it was one of the three largest command centers on the "Western Front" in Poland during the "Cold War".

Above ground, air intake and exhaust outlet, and a series of concrete buildings which I understand as a place for small weapons or explosives. The building under ground, it looks to be facilities for emergency power, management facilities and so on.

The word nuclear is mentioned when I search the Internet, but if it means that the command center was protected against nuclear weapons, or that it was a command center for the launching of land-based nuclear weapons, I do not really know, yet ...

Not far from the command center there is a number of large concrete covered parking space in the same style that was, for example the air missiles “Bloodhoundâ€￾ that existed in Sweden in the 60s, which may indicate a launch site for missiles of any kind. (Got no pictures of that, when we got in the middle of a huge rains that stopped all forms of photography ...) Have to research more at the large Internet....


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