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Report - Polemi concentration camp - Cyprus, August 2013


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On the edge of Polemi, next to SODAP's Kamanterena Winery, is the interesting 'Polemi Concentration Camp'.

The camp dates from the times of Cyprus' struggle for independence from Britain.

The camp was built by the British to contain members of the Cypriot organisation EOKA. It was built near Polemi as it is so cold in the area and the British used take the prisoners out in their underwear and shower them down with cold water.

EOKA were dedicated to gaining independence for Cyprus from the British - a struggle that lasted from 1955 to 1959.

The camp was restored by ΣΙΜΑΕ - an organisaton dedicated preserving the memory of EOKA - on behalf of the Cypriot Ministry for Education and Culture.

The restored camp was opened by the (since deceased) Minister for Education and Culture Mr Pevkios Georgiadis on 17 October 2004. Many thanks to Mike Mcormac (RIP) for info and showing me around.

Easy explore on my holiday last year, will post more abandoned village stuff later






up on the watch tower



First report and thanks for looking