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Report - Polish House on the Hill (Ontario, Canada - July 2014)

jerm IX

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The Polish House on the Hill was one of our first finds upon moving back to Ontario from Vancouver, BC in the late summer of 2010. At that time, we approached only to discover that the old house on the hill was quite securely sealed up. Peering through the windows though, we realized this was more than just your average abandoned house. It looked as though someone just walked away and left most of their families belongings behind. Or maybe something more ominous, we wondered aloud. The vibe was sketchy and gave us both an uneasy feeling, so we scurried off like field mice, Ninj and I.

On many subsequent visits over the past 4 years we were dealt the same hand of bad vibes and sealed tight, so we folded and trudged away in defeat time after time.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Yeah, well...

The full write up and tons of images that'll take you back to in time can be found here...

jermalism: Abandonment Issues: Polish House on the Hill













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Cool report! Thanks for sharing! :thumb

It amazes me how many sites like these there appear to be in Europe, Canada and the States that are relatively undisturbed for such a long periods of time.

Somewhere like that would probably be trashed, stripped or torched before long round here. :( Do people generally have more respect for abandoned properties in Canada/Europe/US or is it because they are usually in more remote locations with less people around to potentially trash them?

Anyway, glad your perseverance finally paid off for you! :)

jerm IX

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Np princethorpe.

Thanks Boomstick. Houses/locations definitely get trashed/looted/tagged/ over here just like anywhere. They are the majority. I'm obsessed with finding the ones know one else has found yet. Uncovering it for myself.