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Report - Pomona Dock Tunnels, Manchester - April 2011.


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Pomona Dock Tunnels - Manchester


Seven terminal docks were constructed for the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal

Four small docks were located on the south side of the canal near Cornbrook, within the Borough of Stretford and named Pomona Docks No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4

The three main docks were located within Salford and were built primarily for large ocean-going vessels

These were situated to the west of Trafford Road on the north bank of the canal and were named No.6, No.7 and No.8. In 1905, No.9 Dock was completed on the same site

Dock No.5, or Ordsall Dock was part of the Pomona Docks, but was dug on the Salford side of the river; it was never completed and was filled in around 1905

Pomona Docks have been filled in and to large extent remain derelict, but number 3 dock remains intact and has a lock connecting the ship canal to the Bridgewater canal, which runs parallel to it

The western four docks have been converted into the Salford Quays development and can no longer be used as shipping docks

Ships using the Manchester Ship Canal now dock at various places along the canal side, such as Mode Wheel (Salford), Trafford Park, and Ellesmere Port

Most vessels have to terminate at Salford Quays, although smaller vessels can continue up the River Irwell to Hunts Bank, near Manchester Cathedral

A tram system was used within the docks, you can still see remnants of tracks if you look hard enough, but sadly little remains today

Below the docks are a series of service tunnels, once used to carry the cables used for the tram system above ground, some of the brackets & cables still

remain below ground, however the place is filled with silt and water making it st00py in parts; I have even had to do a bit of digging on previous visits

I have made a few trips down here over the last year or so, and so decided to take one last look whilst I was in the area with The_Collective






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