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Report - Pontins Hemsby Gt Yarmouth Sep 09


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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Went here with the other half as i arranged a explore with someone and told them the location to recieve a text saying they could not go,
so i still went down and seen them walking around outside the site ,

big thanks to djfresh for info

been watching this for a few days,it was closed early this year,there is people living on the site to clear items to other pontins sites,it has cameras around the good bits lol and movement activated lights on the other bits,
all the accomadation front doors were locked but still really good looking through the windows of the bedrooms to see stuff left by holiday makers

this is only a quick post as really busy but will improve it add alot more pics latter

also ment to say there is lights on in most of the big buildings nearly all the time dont know why think its because they are being used for storage for warbrodes/fridges/beds

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