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Report - Pontins - Lytham St Annes May2013


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Well there really isn't much to see here, but I can't find any reports of it on here so thought I'd stick one up anyway.

Admin can delete it, if they feel it's too shit.

History -

Fred Pontin opened the first holiday camp in 1946 on the site of a former US World War II army base at Brean Sands in Somerset, gradually expanding his empire to 30 sites at one point.[3]

In 1978 the company was sold to Coral in a UK£56 million deal. In 1980, Coral (including Pontins) was taken over by Bass Brewing who later disposed of the Pontinental side of the business. In 1987, Pontins was sold to a management buyout team led by Trevor Hemmings, whose construction firm had originally built the holiday centre at Southport. It was sold yet again in 1989, this time to Scottish & Newcastle. Over the next ten years the company closed or sold a number of sites. In a three-year programme in the mid-1990s, the remaining camps were modernised. In 2000 the company, which now owned only eight camps, was sold back to Hemmings. In 2008, the company was sold to Ocean Parcs for £46million.[4] Wall Park holiday centre was not included in the sale, and, in January 2009, Pontin's announced the closure of its Hemsby holiday centre.[5] Pontin's Blackpool in Squires Gate closed in October 2009[6] leaving five parks still trading under the Pontin's brand.

The Blackpool site closed in 2009 due to a lack of interest from the public, and is currently being demolished. The site is owned by Hemmings and it's apparantly to be developed into housing.

more info on pontins Pontins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

was literally just driving past so had a nosey in.











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Quiet sad really, my parents used to there every year. Will show my mum the pictures, might bring back memories with my dad before he passed away.. nice in one respect but sad in another