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Report - Pontrilas ROC Post - Herefordshire - September 2015


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It's always nice to be the first person down a post since stand-down, this is another one off the list.

Pontrilas is a 1991 Closure situated next to a farm access drive right next to a Vodafone Mast. It was pretty overgrown and locked on original battleship padlocks.

I drove down to the farm and asked about it but they were going out for dinner - so returned the next day and asked again. Once we'd established that we didn't want to go in to take drugs, the young farm lad spent ages trying to find the keys - then hey presto. We helped get the padlocks moving and we were in.




The post was cram packed with paperwork, a huge pile of ROC Journals, mattresses, jerry cans plus much more. The paperwork, ROC Journals and Jerry Cans were purchased from the owner in order to be put into post restorations elsewhere. After we left the post was locked up again.

If you want to visit then don't force your way in, be courteous and ask at the farm - theyre a cracking family.

Krypton :)

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