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Question - Poobex or Urbex Poos


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28DL Full Member
When you've got to go, you've got to go!

I'm making a zine and you are more than welcome to be involved. PM me any stories, photos (not of the actual act occurring please
) or artwork.
Funny or interesting submissions rather than "I needed to take a dump so I did" are more likely to be used.
I'm already over halfway there so it's definitely going to happen.
You may use an alias.
Images might be easier to send to drainsdrainsdrains at gmail com



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Not strictly urbex poop but I was on the way to an explore In London some time early in the morning when I needed a dump fairly rapidly,I saw a petrol station but they wouldn’t let me use their toilet,I was touching cloth at this point and only had one option………..the car wash.
I figured the evidence would get washed away or smeared all over the next car that used the wash.
1/2 way through said dump my mates decided to light up the car wash with the car headlights to show me in all my squatting glory.
There’s a apparently photo somewhere :D


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There was the time at Kingsway Derby probably late 2010 when DHL had purposely done a shite right in the centre of the morgue floor a couple of weeks before we visited.

Typical Kook and his size 13 boat feet kicked the top off it and reignited the stench, rancid.


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I dropped a steamer in the Latvian Consulate across the road from Camelol
It was before the place had been trashed so the toilet next to the sauna still felt post and there was bog roll which was really nice
A week later a report was posted by Zero (Can't remember if it was here on on dp) and they walked into the toilet and found my festering shit and felt the need to go into detail about it


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I had to use a piece of slate like a razer to scrape the poo from around my ring like a razer.



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@Ojay must have a few tales, he's always going for a quick 'Barry White'. :D
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