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Question - Poobex or Urbex Poos


Got Epic?
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@turkey curling one out in Thomas Twyford's office has always amused me.. The father of modern sanitation and inventor of the ceramic toilet.. Wiped with his wallpaper of course..


Torch Wavker
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If you havent wiped your arse with some wallpaper, damp drawings, labcoats, curtains etc or sacrificed socks are you even an umbexxorrrrrrrr
Finding a derp loo roll in Denbigh hospital when I have a horrific hangover was probably he highlight of my exploring poocareer


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I thought I'd re-share in preparation of the Poobex Zine.
Australians subscribe for $20 for 6 zines made in 2022 or pay $5 for the 40 page PooBex zine.
International options soon.

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