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Report - Pool Park, At Night, Ruthin, May 11


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Since Flip still hasn't got his arse in gear and editted his stack of the front face of the building, i thought that i would post my photos up to encourage him to get them up.

After spending the last month shooting my people piece for my upcoming show, i've not had any time or remaining calories left in my body to burn in order to go out night shooting. However this one night the moon was just too appealing and Flip managed to guilt trip myself and Bekoir into joining him on a trip to Pool Park - which we had meaning to visit at night for a very long time.

We set up and started taking shots of the external; noticing that the north star was sitting perfectly above the front of the building resulting in lovely circular star trails around Polaris :thumb

After this we decided to head in, aiming for the staircase, chair and other features which i had been pining to get at with my flashgun and tripod for a very long time. However, after reaching the main hall and setting up shots, we saw the flickr of a torch and heard footsteps coming from upstairs. Remaining still we tried to predict where this was heading/who it could be, but whoever it was seemed to do the same as what we were. Not knowing who/what kind of people this was at 2am on a weekday night, we decided to make our exit and take some more externals until we had more clues.

This didn't pan out too well though as once we were outside we couldn't see anything or hear anything going on inside, so our company must have been lying low and waiting for us to leave. This didn't help the fact that we all started to get that horrible feeling when you think that someone is watching you.

Anyways, we decided it was best not to risk it and packed up, happy with the shots we'd made outside anyway.




Sorry there is only three pictures, but as is the nature with night photography. Hopefully Flip will add his photo onto the thread sooner rather than later


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