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Report - Pool Park Hospital, North Wales - October 2015


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The History

Pool Park was built as a manor house between 1826-29 for the second Lord Bagot. The house was sold to the Tate family (of Tate & Lyle) as a family home. In 1937 the house was sold again to the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital who developed the property into a hospital to relieve the overcrowded Denbigh Asylum. The hospital had accommodation for 87 patients. The hospital closed in 1990, shortly before the closure of its parent hospital.

A planning application was submitted for the conversion of the property into a 60-apartment residential home. The plans were rejected and the house has since fallen into a severe state of disrepair.

(Explored with @godgp78, @CrazyNinjaSquirrel & @Lancashire lad.

Wonderful outside shot

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Pretty good mate. :thumb
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I never tire of this place, nice shots :)

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Looks like a god place to have a mooch around. Shame I live about 300 miles away from it, if not more :( nice report anyways mate :D