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Report - Pool Park Update - July '11


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Spotted this over at WikiWirral

on arrival it became clear that we could not gain access to the main block as they now have 24hr security. All the windows are boarded and the doors secured. As we had been seen by the security guard there was no point trying to hide. We ended up approaching him. After informing us that we where trespassing TC turned on the charm and got chatting to him. He was a reasonable bloke and let us stay and take pictures from the outside. He informed us that the place is going to be renovated and ever since someone tried to burn the place down the owner now pays for 24hr security. He said he could not let us in to the place as it was really unsafe and if anything happened he would be in big trouble, which is fair enough I suppose. He kindly showed us the chapel and an accommodation block. As they where structurally sound he let us go in them. There was no time to set up the tripod and compose fancyshots. I just snapped away like the paparazzi while I had the chance to get the pictures.

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