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Report - Poplar Baths, London May 2009


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Alias, Siologen and Loops.

Well it's about time I got off my arse and posted up some stuff from the last couple of months and weeks. I remember photos from this place a good couple of years ago and then some more recent photos appeared so we thought we'd pay the old girl a visit to kill some time. Access was like being born again but more spiky (unless......vagina dentata...) There was plentiful sweaty thighed shoulder rides and I expressed my absolute hatred for apricots on the roof. Loops was eating dried apricots-I've gotta say I was unimpressed at this point!

Well anyway...the baths are fucked and I didn't really take many photos because I didn't have a torch. The roof was the nice bit though where we spelled out "CUNT" with our bodies to form a silouette in front of Canary Wharf. We could also see straight into the apartments below....wink wink...nudge nudge!

Here's what Wikipedia says about it:

Poplar Baths in the East End of London is a derelict site today. In the past it was thriving. Not only did people come to swim, they also came to dance (covering the swimming pool with a temporary floor).

Poplar Baths opened in 1852 from the statues of the Baths and Washhouses Act 1846. It was rebuilt in 1933. East India Hall was often "floored over" and then used as "a theatre (capacity 1,400), dance hall, exhibition room and sports hall".

Finally closed to the public in 1988, a bid to re-open the baths has been put together by The Environment Trust, Swan Housing Group and the 'Poplar Baths Steering Group'.

It has been a listed building (Grade 2) since 2001.









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