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Report - Portadown ROC Post - Armagh - Northern Ireland (Restoration Thread)


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi all

This coming weekend the restoration of Portadown 45 Post will commence.

The post is being restored with the help of many former observers, including 2 former crew members of Portadown itself.

It is hoped that when the restoration is finished the post will be open to the public.

I have decided to start this thread now as I wanted to see if anyone from the Armagh or Down area fancied giving us a hand, there will be plenty of jobs to do and the craic should be good.

We are limiting the work this weekend to erecting a new fence around the compound and cleaning the post in general, we are leaving the painting for a few weeks.

Anyone interested drop me a PM or email.

As always I will post pictures of the restoration as it progresses.

Pictures of the post as it appears now can be found here.

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