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Report - Porter Brook Culverts, Sheffield, Jan 2018


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January has been a bit sparse around these parts on the drain front. Combination of illness, rain, work and a couple of leads that turned into nothing worth getting your camera out for. Thankfully there was this, which I’d been saving for a non-rainy day.
‘The Porter Brook is a river in the City of Sheffield, England descending over 1,000 feet (300 m) from its source among the sedge grass on Burbage moor behind a small farm on Hangram just inside the Peak District National Park in the west of the city at Clough Hollow, near the village of Ringinglow. Porter Brook derives its name from its brownish colour, similar to the colour of Porter, a brownish discolouration obtained as it passes over iron-ore deposits on its course from the source.’

From Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porter_Brook

This report comes from the two culverts that run beneath Waitrose, opening up briefly a couple of times before heading back underneath Decathlon carpark. The latter bit saw a collapse a few months ago and remains fenced off from above.

This was another evening visit with @Esoteric Eric - we were both surprised how nice it was, and how we had not bothered to investigate it before now. We entered a bit further upstream, finding that an earlier culverted section of the river marked on the map has now been opened up. Cameras remained bagged for the short walk down the river, and the brief climb out and back in to avoid a really deep bit, until we arrived at the first long section.

Looking out the way we entered. While taking pics here someone in the flats nearby must have flushed their toilet as the small blue pipe on the right started sicking out some fresh dirt...

Lit brick...

Nearby, somewhere above our heads, humans are buying overpriced hummus and organic veg...

Seeing this pipe off to the right I imagined the voice of @tallginge asking if I had gone in an taken a look. So I did. After a short while the pipe turned brick but remained small and the grey fatty deposits underfoot were a bit too close to my face for comfort, so no pics from inside...

Narrow bit, feat fastflow...

Getting hungry here as the Thai food restaurant from above made a nice change from river smells...

Approaching Decathlon...

Culvert Problems...

This is where we exited - basically if you carry on from here, under the station, you’ll end up at Megatron. In fact, I'll end with a couple of Megatron pics from a pre-Christmas revisit there in the company of @tallginge


PS. Usual apols if some of these are in the wrong order.
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That's the spirit, leave no stone unturned, no sidepipe unchecked! Great pics as usual mate. I'll leave these two here from our visit - hope yer don't mind. Thanks for accidentally lighting the first one up so nicely for me :thumb



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Haha! Yes! Team effort, expert lighting there ;-) Still kicking myself for not quite making it to the weir that evening! I guess the voice in my head wasn’t quite strong enough...


more tall than ginger tho.....
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Ha, yer wadorz have more height than mine as well, just think tall, anti sinking thoughts and keep right. Wait for it to stop raining though! I wonder if these rivers ever freeze solid. Imagine if that weir froze - it'd be a great slide!


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I enjoyed reading this report and love the photos! :thumb
Draining at night can be most atmospheric; The glow from the streetlights and sky adds a lot to the images.
That filthy side pipe in the second pic needs reporting to the Environment Agency. Some naughty bugger shouldn't have connected a foul sewage pipe to surface drains.