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Report - Portland Forbidden City, Dorset - March '12


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The so called "Forbidden City" in Portland, Dorset is pretty well documented on this site so I'll skip with some of the history lesson. Basically, the site dates back to 1892 when it was built as part of Britain's Coastal Defence program, consisting of 20 9inch and 10inch guns. In 1900ish the guns were replaced by three 6 inch guns. And then again in World War 2, with just two 9.2inch guns.

Nowadays it's used ( or was used ) by an AirSoft company so the place is littered with little white BB pellets everywhere. It's also used as a dumping ground so the buildings in East Weare (Owned by the Port & Harbour Authority) are partially filled with old fridge freezers.






There's a fair bit in Portland, so if you head over to check out the Forbidden city you may also want to visit the Verne gun emplacements, the breakwater fort or the ROTOR bunker. Though the last two are much trickier than East Weare. Torpedo testing was also carried out somewhere between Portland and Weymouth, which is something I'll be researching soon!

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