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Report - Portland Hotel, Manchester - October 2016


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Portland Hotel


The Portland Hotel (once the Thistle Hotel) lies just outside Piccadilly Gardens and has recently been renovated to include a massive pair of sunglasses in the main entrance lobby - nope, I don't have a clue either. The first time I was in here was with @Moose back in March, when we decided against climbing up onto the actual roof "in case the air vents couldn't take our weight". Having now stood on a certain metal balcony 30+ stories high with a 107m drop visible through the lattice grid at our feet that seems like a pretty stupid thing to be worrying about!

A lot of my pics from here are corrupted so won't upload, here's the 'clean' ones...first one is from March.






There were fireworks too, I'll try and sort the images out when I can.​

Choo Choo m8ty

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Nice shots there m8ty. Nice to see your pics.

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