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Report - - Portland Rotor Bunker - September 2008 | Underground Sites |

Report - Portland Rotor Bunker - September 2008

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Visited with Montstar, MarkyMark and Kinger. Thanks guys for putting the time in, it was a great visit and I think we all learned a bit more about the bunker.

Well, we watched and waited... then left it for a while... then went back.... eventually the time was right... and in we went.

The first major thing you see is the shaft...


This originally had a lift and a stairwell, which has now been replaced by a steel ladder. The lift motor was at ground level and would have used a pulley system to get the cable over the lift. The pulleys are still there over the hole.

There's a bit of standing water at the bottom of the shaft, there's also this tunnel...


which leads through some blast doors to the main operations area...


There's a lot of damage caused by fire and smoke, plus the MOD took out all the floors and doors. However, look closely and there's loads of original fittings and interesting bits and bobs...

The plotting room...


Next door to this there's a massive room but it was impossible to get a decent picture.

The Kitchen...


The plant room was amazing. All complete still with RAF labels on the valves indicating they had been turned off. In here was the air con and machinery coolers...


Another view of the main corridor...


At the other end of the corridor was the emergency exit. This has been backfilled on the top level with a massive amount of chalky rubble.

In the end, it was time to leave. Strange LED effects of the guys climbing up the ladder on a long exposure...


Again, Cheers guys.