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Lead or Rumour info - Possible London lead, Queen Elizabeth Childrens Hospital

Nina McClain

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I walked past the Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital the other day as I was wandering completely lost on Hackney St. From my simple googling, it says it is empty, but will probably be tore down soon.

I did notice a camera, but since I am new to not only UE but to the UK, I am not entirely sure if the cameras are actually watching or just there to scare off people like me afraid to get caught and thrown in a british prison.

Has anyone ventured here? It looked pretty cool, but again, I am wary with the camera situation.


Got Epic?
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Its been done, quite a popular place about 4-5 years ago. Was alarmed but security took backhanders. Theres plenty of photo links at the bottom of the page.

Midnight Runner

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Yeah place has been done to F*ck lol i think i did it about 6 times bringing people in.. and Speed no backhanders.. just good old bullshit ;)