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Lead or Rumour info - Possible NE interest - British Steel Redcar


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28DL Full Member
I don't know how viable this is or if it will be of any interest but I thought I'd share anyway.

A few years back I worked for Siemens up at the old British Steel site in Redcar. About half way around the site near the coal grinder (the piece of equipment I had the pleasure of commissioning), is the original British Steel office block. When BS formally closed at noon one Friday back in the 1980's, the staff just upped and left. The power was isolated and doors locked. The building was just left in a perpetual state, even security didn't bother patrolling the building while I was working there. I did manage to get a look around inside (the joys of being a trained locksmith as well) but this was before I discovered UE so I wasn't prepared for documenting the visit (I was supposed to be working anyway).

So I thought, with the recent closure of the whole plant, this may be an ideal UE opportunity. The site being so expansive, it will be virtually impossible to patrol effectively and there should be many access points along the perimeter.

If any of you guys do happen to visit, I'd love to see some pics.