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Lead or Rumour info - Possible Place of Interest - Leicester


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Hello Everybody.
I have tried under the search bar but cannot find anything previously posted about this place; it's the Aylestone Working Men's Club on Saffron Lane in Leicester. This place to me has many happy memories and the WMC closed its doors around 2004 and it was shortly taken over and turned into a Caribbean bar which lasted all of 6 months. It's definitely still standing as it is a listed building.

If my memory serves me correctly, you can find two bars there, one in a large function room, one in a smaller bar area. A function room upstairs and a big snooker table in its own room. There was also a smaller room off to the side of the front bar where people could play skittles.

I've searched already to see if this has already been explored but I could not find any matches. I would love to have the experience of coming along to explore this place but unfortunately I moved away from Leicester many many years ago.

I hope that this many interest a few people,
Have a nice day :thumb


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sorry to say its been turned to to retirement flats id be happy to send you some pictures next time i pass which may be tomorrow