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Posting Videos - PLEASE READ

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Without beating about the bush here, there is some right shit being posted.

A video needs to be interesting, not some hand held Android running and some eerie/spooky subtitles thrown in for good measure.

If people are to watch a video the content & quality needs to be interesting and most of what's in here is utter tripe!

I'm going to be going through it over the next week or so and removing anything that's not deemed suitable, so please, no offence if your latest umbex creation is canned

I'll also create a separate section for drone stuff

Oxygen Thief

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Good luck, there's 400+ to wade through.

Here's what is going to happen, we need a bit of quality control.

From now on, ALL videos need to be posted in this section, and nowhere else. They're spread all over the forum in various places.

All videos will be moderated ie they'll need to be approved before they're shown. However, anything decent WILL be posted.

This should be your baseline...


It's well edited, well researched and it's interesting.

and this should be your ultimate goal... have some aspirations...




If anyone would like to volunteer to be a moderator for the videos section, please get in touch.
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