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Report - Potters Manor / Steep House - 2010


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Please Note: This house has now been fully refurbished and is currently lived in, I visited back in 2010 when it was a wreck.

Now i'll be honest, this is the only derp house I have visited; I find them strangely voyeuristic and a little too personal to me. I'll happily explore an old hospital, or industrial site, that is strewn with old patient belongings an not really think about the person behind the items. A house is different, I found it uncomfortable and the plethora of Derp Houses don't appeal to me.

However, when Potters Manor appeared on the Exploring scene, I wanted to see if for two reasons. The stairs, and the smashed TVs. I made it a little to late to see the stairs in all their glory though!