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Report - Powerstation IM - Belgium - Sept. 2014


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Visited with The_Raw, Sentinel, Elliot, Hide The Sausage :D and Hidden Door. This station has been closed since 2006 and seems to be in it's final days, the site as a whole was busy and noisy, air inside the station itself was terrible with all the dust being kicked up by vehicles and tippers. Station is surrounded by slag heaps and imagine much of the coal utilised for power generation was mined locally.

We checked out the cooling tower first, our movements mostly hidden from the work going on from the other side of the river.

The_Raw on route to the cooling tower.

The main structure seen from over the river.

Inside the tower...

Team Photo :)

We headed over to the station crossing a bridge/huge cable run. Think we did a great job getting 6 of us in and out of here unseen during the day with all the work going on :cool. Watched the diggers coming in and out for awhile before following one in and dashing up the stairs. Ground floor almost entirely cleared and I didn't get any decent shots of the turbines on the first floor as was just too out in the open. :(

Taking the bridge over the river.

The main hall, poking my camera over the edge, lots was going on down there.

Heavy duty cranes.

Power station.. stuff.

Taking a break on the roof.

More 'stuff' :rolleyes:.

Didn't find the control room unfortunately! Still much more to see than was covered in my photos, I liked the small chemistry lab especially. Had a lot of fun in this place but really didn't want to stick around too long in there, so busy and polluted that day. ;/

Cheers for looking.

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Re: Powerstation 'IM' - Belgium - Sept. 2014

Very nice pictures there. Looks pretty epic!


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Re: Powerstation 'IM' - Belgium - Sept. 2014

Rather nice mate,so its the workers clearing stuff now and not the pikeys :D