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Report - Poynton roc post - Sep 13


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Poynton Roc post - September 13

In a square compound of land, 120 yards East of Waterloo road, sits this this fetid pit of despair.

Previous visitors have commented on the ungodly stench eminating from it's rather snug and damp interior..
however I was more concerned with the bird sized mosquitos and ninja spiders as I
attempted to keep grip of the ladder, rather than take a swim in water that makes many a drain
seem a pleasant place to be :eek:


Surface features are intact. The top of the ventilation shaft has broken off but it is still in place
The hatch is detached and the ventilation louvres are missing.



Onwards and Inwards, down the ladder of doom


Internally the post is badly fire damaged with the heat damaged wall and ceiling tiles*
hanging off, it's flooded to a depth of two feet, and the post is strewn with rubbish.




Well, it's one way to kill an hour or so although I can think of better places to be...

Thanks for looking :thumb

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